New visitor?

Are you planning on visiting us for the first time? If you are, then sometimes it is nice to have an

overview of what to expect, so here is a short guide.

The first thing  is a warm welcome. You will be welcomed at the door and given the books you

may need for the coming service: a copy of the Bible (New International Version) and

Singing the Faith, our hymn book.

If it is a service of Holy Communion Service or a special event, such as a baptism, you will also

be given a copy of the Methodist Worship Book. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which book we’re

in or what page we’re on, someone nearby will be happy to show you.and some preachers

announce the information  as they go along.

Most of our members arrive only a few minutes before the service begins, so if you arrive early

you will have your pick of the seats – no one will mind if you sit in their usual spot! There’s usually

a few people late too, so if you get held up, please still come in to the church and a steward will

welcome you and you probably won’t be the only one.

We enjoy singing a wide selection of hymns and songs during the service, both traditional and

modern, accompanied by our excellent organist, John. Services usually last for around an hour,

though our monthly communion service is sometimes a little longer.

We stand for hymns and the receiving of the offering. We sit for the Bible readings, prayers and

sermon. Many of the preachers will help by saying when to sit or stand.

In the Methodist tradition everyone is welcome to take Holy Communion, regardless of their faith

tradition or whether they have been baptised and confirmed. When you come forward hold your

hands out in front of you when the elements are being brought round. If you do not wish to take

communion simply leave your hands down and you will receive a blessing instead.

After the service you are welcome to join us for tea or coffee and a chat. Some weeks we have

homemade cake too, so that is well worth staying for! This is a good chance to get to know people

a better. If you can’t stay, do take the chance to fill in the visitors book at the back of the church so

that we can keep in contact with you afterwards and take a newsletter to find out more about what

we do.